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Rosa Rattray Early Literacy Fund

The Rosa Rattray Early Literacy Fund was established in 2017 in memory of Rosa Rattray, a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who instilled a love of reading and learning in her entire family.

By the age of 11, Rosa had read all of the books in the Junior collection of her local library, so was given an adult library card! Upon arriving to Guelph in 1965, she immediately joined Guelph Public Library where she held a card for more than 50 years, checking out 1000’s of items. As she raised her family, she shared this passion with those she loved, establishing building blocks for lifelong learning for generations to come.

So rich was Rosa’s love of reading and learning that after her passing in 2016, her family proudly celebrated her lifelong passion by establishing the Rosa Rattray Early Literacy Fund with the Guelph Public Library. The Fund allows us to strengthen our capacity to provide specialized programming and learning tools to nurture a love of literacy and learning for children in their most formative years.

By donating to this fund, you will support early literacy initiatives at our library, providing materials, equipment, and resources to encourage young minds in our community to flourish.

To date, thanks to generous supporters of this fund, we’ve been able to purchase six additional Early Literacy Stations (ELS) that are helping to meet demand for these critical early literacy learning tools across our system and community-wide.

ELS offer a wealth of award-winning educational opportunities in each curriculum area carefully chosen for age appropriateness, educational value, replay interest, ease of use, and enjoyment. To date, ELS have provided over 100 million hours of learning time for children and young minds around the world, and at the Guelph Public Library, they provide tens of thousands of learning hours each year: 

  • ELS average almost 1,000 logins per month, or over 33 per day
  • Children often play on the machines with friends, siblings, or other library visitors
  • The machines are so popular, the demand for them is constantly increasing with our library system.

ELS provide many benefits, including:

  • Formation of early literacy and language skills crucial to cognitive, social, communicative, and brain development of children and young minds
  • Increased literacy rates and reading success among children within the community
  • Lessened impact of the digital divide, providing access to families and children who would otherwise not have access to such technologies in their homes
  • Promotion and encouragement of positive learning experiences through meaningful early literacy experiences

Your tax-deductible gift will help expand the availability of these types of valuable learning tools throughout our system – creating the type of change that makes our world shine more brightly.