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Ladysmith Safe Harbour - Adopt a Night

Campagne terminée 31 mars 2018

Ladysmith Safe Harbour Extreme Weather Shelter opened its doors to 198 community members in need over 114 nights last year.

Our community is home to over 25 members without a fixed address.

In the summer months, living without a home in Ladysmith can be beautiful. Ladysmith has wonderful water access and is surrounded by forest. Yet, those breath-taking views drastically change as fall and winter descends upon our little hillside mecca. The waters turn cold and the forest floor becomes a damp and uncomfortable place to rest your head for the night.

There are 151 nights between November 1st and March 31st when the temperatures can drop to below freezing... records of -6 in November and -8.5 degrees in December and January have hit our coast. If you add a 50km wind to that temperature, frostbite becomes a reality in under ten minutes.

A warm bed and a hot meal are just a few steps away.

Weather in Ladysmith is unpredictable, just like the ocean. Those who lack solid shelter are caught completely unaware without access to news reports and the weather channel. When storms hit, whether it is wind, rain, snow or hail, our community has the ability to provide a safe harbour for those in need.

Will one night this winter be the time our community members are struggling to stay dry and shake off the chill? Will even one decide that this is the moment they will make a change and seek out help?

Ladysmith Safe Harbour Extreme Weather Shelter will be there to welcome them in. LSH will provide a warm meal and a friendly smile and good company for the night. LSH will protect them from the elements and offer the help they need. Every night.

Be a light in the eye of a storm. Be a leader of our community. Be a Safe Harbour Captain.

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