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Campagne terminée 31 décembre 2018

Canada 2067 is a national initiative to shape the future of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning, focusing on Kindergarten to Grade 12. Using the perspectives and opinions of Canadians, Canada 2067 will develop an action plan and a national vision for STEM learning that will ensure young Canadians are prepared to compete, thrive and contribute in the rapidly changing world of tomorrow.

Canada 2067 is not only the country’s bicentennial but it is also the year in which many of today’s teenagers will hope to retire. By bringing diverse stakeholders together through multi-dimensional efforts, we can build a strong learning ecosystem that prepares all youth in Canada for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities thereby paving the way for a healthy and prosperous retirement. It will also ensure that their children can enjoy an even higher quality of life.

Looking towards a bright and prosperous bicentennial, Canada 2067 is uniting Canadians around a new vision for youth STEM learning. By engaging educators, business and government leaders, community groups, researchers, parents and youth, we can develop the innovators, discoverers, entrepreneurs and citizens that will power Canada into the future.

To learn more about this important initiative, please visit https://canada2067.ca/en/ or view our Canada 2067 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K4N4PuVwiY

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