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Restore Her Life Campaign

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Restore Her Life 

Mercy Canada is proud to be a partner of Giving Tuesday Canada. Just as Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, Giving TuesdayNovember 29is the opening day of the giving season. We invite you to start the giving season this year with a generous gift to restore the lives of troubled young women from across Canada. 

The need is great: 

  • Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.
  • 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. 
  • 1 in 10 Canadians 15 years of age and over report symptoms consistent with alcohol or illicit drug dependence.
  • Nearly 4,000 Canadians die by suicide every year—an average of almost 11 per day.
  • At any given time in Canada, as many as 600,000 to 990,000 people may meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder. 

Right now, there are countless young women in Canada who are desperate for freedom from addiction and/or trauma. Young women who have lost their voice, their dreams, and their self-worth. Young women who have lost hope. 

We are excited to give YOU the opportunity to restore what has been lost. To empower young women who have been silenced. To help young women rise up, embrace hope, and dare to dream again.  

This year our Giving Tuesday goal is our biggest yet—and we believe you can help us exceed it! Join us November 29 to restore the lives of more young women like Courtney, Roberta, and RG, then take a minute to share the link to this campaign page so others can participate too. 

Make Giving Go Viral 

From now until November 29, show your support for Mercy Canada with an unselfiea photograph of yourself that showcases a charitable act or good deed you are committing to or have performed—with the link to this campaign page. Simply take a picture with the Unselfie Sign; tag it #RestoreHerLife, #Unselfie, and #GivingTuesdayCa; and upload it to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

Did you know that we give 10% of your donation to other non-profits in need? Your generosity to Mercy Canada on Giving Tuesday will not only transform the lives of troubled young women, but will also support other non-profits that make our communities a better place for us all! 

We are giving too! The first 100 donations of $250 or more on November 29 will receive a FREE bottle of My Daughter Fragrances perfume. Designed to inspire life, love, courage, and adventure, these eco-luxe scents are free of phthalates, parabens, and colorants. Restore her life and get some of your Christmas shopping done...all at the same time! 

About Mercy Canada

Mercy Canada is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to helping young women break free from life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, unplanned pregnancies, depression, physical and sexual abuse, and sex trafficking.

Our residential program is voluntary, Christ centred, and completely free of charge to young women ages 19 to 28. It lasts approximately six to nine months and is designed to address the whole person—spirit, soul, and body. Because of our approach to healing, young women gain the tools and perspective necessary to stop destructive cycles and discover purpose for their lives.