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Northern Critters in Need (NCIN)

Dénomination enregistrée : Northern Critters in Need (NCIN)

Numéro d'entreprise : 801455528RR0001

Saving a pet, one life at a time.

Northern Critters in Need (NCIN)

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OUR MISSION: To rescue lost, abandoned, abused & unwanted pets. OUR AIM: To find forever homes for these animals.

FUNDRAISING: We are a Charitable Organization and run solely on donations. We accept donations of money, Canadian Tire Money, dog/cat food (collars, bowls, etc.), empties (beer/liquor) & garage sale items. Empties can be dropped off at 122 Willow Place, The Lone Pine Motel or 10 West Beach Drive. All other items can be dropped off at the same locations. You may also call us and we will graciously pick them up.

ADOPTION PROCESS: Our adoption process starts with the potential adopter completing an adoption application followed by a telephone screening to discuss the animal you are interested in. Upon approval you will be required to sign the adoption application and pay a nominal adoption fee based on the pet you are adopting. During this time there would also be the opportunity for a meet and greet between yourself and the animal. This process is implemented for the best interest of the animal, and Northern Critters In Need reserves the right to refuse unsuitable candidates.One must realize that there will be an adjustment and settling in period which will vary with each animal; allowing them time to get used to their new surroundings and likewise for the adopters getting to know their new family member.Following adoption we will ask for periodic updates to check on the status of the animal and how things are going, to ensure that the animal is settling in its new home. This can be done simply via email, telephone, in person or through our Face book page.

We are located in Ignace, Ontario. The reach of our rescue goes far beyond our township. We rescue and help pets from surrounding communities and many Northern reserves. We have found foster and forever homes in Dryden, Ignace, Fort Frances, Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, Sault Ste Marie, Toronto, etc.




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