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Nourish Cowichan Society

Dénomination enregistrée : Nourish Cowichan Society

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Nourish Cowichan Society

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About Nourish Cowichan Society

Created by three natural-born activists with a strong belief in community service, Nourish Cowichan Society is a fast growing organization co-founded by Anita Carroll, Fatima Da Silva and Dina Holbrook

When they became aware that children in the valley were going to school without breakfast, Fatima, Dina & Anita immediately began planning how to help nourish the little ones, and so within just a few weeks and with the help of a local school principal, a breakfast program was put in place. Today, this program has grown into a charitable society with a board of directors dedicated to raising funds to help expand the program to several schools and nourish as many children as possible.

Join us to fight child hunger in our community.


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