Dénomination enregistrée: NOVA SCOTIA NATURE TRUST

Numéro d'entreprise: 889627691RR0001

Nova Scotia is blessed with stunning coastal vistas, beautiful forests, and serene waterways, which support a rich diversity of plant and animal species. The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is a charity dedicated to protecting, forever, Nova Scotia's most unique, rare and treasured natural areas through land conservation.

Time is running out

Every day, important natural areas are being lost. The future of wild and beautiful places that Nova Scotians have enjoyed for generations can no longer be taken for granted. Our unique natural legacy is at risk.

Who we are

  • The only local Nova Scotian organization focused exclusively on protecting outstanding natural environments through private land conservation
  • A land trust dedicated to preserving the unique and irreplaceable natural gems of Nova Scotia
  • A conservation charity saving places Nova Scotians love

Our mandate

To protect Nova Scotia's natural legacy, before it is too late.

Why private land conservation?

Nova Scotians face a unique conservation challenge. Seventy percent of all land, including 85% of our coast, is privately owned. Many of our most unique natural areas, from the last remaining old growth forests, lakeshores and rivers, to critical habitats for nationally and globally endangered species, are threatened. These private lands face increasing and unprecedented pressures, making the Nature Trust's work to conserve private land more important than ever. Together, we can protect our most special places.

Join the Nature Trust in saving Nova Scotia's special places

People from every corner of Nova Scotia, from every walk of life are becoming inspired about protecting Nova Scotia's natural legacy. They are donating, volunteering, fundraising, engaging in public education and talking about our important conservation work to friends and neighbours.

Your support is critical to preserving Nova Scotia's natural legacy, while we still can.

Questions? Call us today at 1-877-434-5263 or email

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