Nova Dance

Dénomination enregistrée: Ipsita Nova Dance Projects Inc.

Numéro d'entreprise: 818094211RR0001

Our Mission

Established in 2008, Nova Dance is led by dancer and choreographer Nova Bhattacharya who brings her classical bharatanatyam training into the world of contemporary dance with elegance and authority. Through a varied and acclaimed repertoire - which includes creations from Bhattacharya, Peggy Baker, Mika Kurosawa, Dana Gingras, José Navas, Menaka Thakkar and most recently Laurence Lemieux - audiences are exposed to an expanse of movement drawn from classical vocabulary, integrated with improvised movement, rigorously structured and performed with passion and precision.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bhattacharya has developed an intriguing body of work - ranging from full length classical recitals to powerful contemporary solos and duets - that showcases today’s bharatantayam and Canadian contemporary dance with a South Asian sensibility. Her performances have struck a deep emotional chord with audiences and critics alike, and have been presented by Canada’s National Arts Centre, Toronto's Danceworks and Kalanidhi Fine Arts, Vancouver's Dancing on the Edge, Tokyo’s An Creative and at fabrik Potsdam / 17th Potsdamer Tanztage – International Festival of Contemporary Dance.

Through the creation and presentation of powerful humanistic dance works in collaboration with choreographers, composers and visual designers, the company invites audiences to embrace dance for the visceral experience it can offer.

“[Nova Bhattacharya] dances with a kick-ass authority that brings a contemporary edge to classical Indian dance.” - eye Weekly

About Nova Dance

Nova Dance's creations embody the principle of the edge effect, the premise of which is that more diverse life will be found where ecosystems overlap than at the heart of the individual systems. The work expands the potential for both Indian classical and contemporary dance through the exploration of potential energy and expression, reflecting the hybridity of our lives as Canadians. The inclusion of bharatanatyam in a contemporary discourse provides a platform to bridge the gap between tradition and inspiration, and to keep pushing the space for a multiplicity of artistic practice in Canada.

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