Dénomination enregistrée: N.W.T. LITERACY COUNCIL

Numéro d'entreprise: 890555261RR0001

Our Mission

The NWT Literacy Council works with, and encourages, individuals, communities, governments, businesses, educators, and others to support literacy in all the official languages of the NWT. It works with others to build capacity around literacy development.

Literacy and essential skills touch all aspects of our lives. They impact on our social and economic well-being, our health, our families, and communities.

Donations are essential to maintain our strong voice for literacy and provide services in the NWT.

About Our Charity

The NWT Literacy Council:• Supports communities to develop and deliver literacy programs• Trains people to deliver community and family literacy programs• Develops resources for family and community literacy programs• Researches literacy in the NWT in our official languages• Lends resources to communities and programs• Communicates regularly through our website – www.nwtliteracy.ca – newsletters, e-news and social media•

We promote literacy through International Literacy Day, NWT Literacy Week, National Family Literacy Day, and NWT Indigenous Languages Month•

We nurtures relationships with a broad range of partners to share information on literacy, raise awareness of literacy, and shape literacy policy. We also offer plain language writing, editing and design on a fee-for-service basis

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