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Okyerema International Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée : Okyerema International Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise : 802674853RR0001

Okyerema International Foundation

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Our Mission

To provide a fair opportunity for all children to acquire basic education and achieve academic excellence, while providing them with a strong basis for development and equal access to the opportunities that emerge as they mature.

About Okyerema International Foundation

We provide scholarships and bursaries to students in one of the poorest communities in Ghana: the Techiman District.

With your help, we plan to continue to do so into the future. Our goal is to support 800 students annually.

The difference our contributions are making can be palpably seen in the overwhelming enthusiasm the students, teachers, and administrators showed in the inaugural award event we organized. Please see video at our own website -

Our Canadian board of directors works directly with professionals on the ground in Ghana to publicize our scholarships and bursaries and to make our award decisions.

What we ask of you is whatever contribution you can make to help us serve more children realize their hope of a full secondary school education, and the even bigger dream of the budding scholars of achieving life-long success through academic excellence, regardless of their material situation today!




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