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Old School Intergenerational Projects

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Old School Intergenerational Projects

À propos

Old School Intergenerational Projects is a charitable organization whose mission is to create opportunities for generations to connect through the arts.

Old School's purpose is to relieve conditions attributable to being aged, including social isolation and other mental or physical health conditions by providing intergenerational programs that foster interaction between seniors and young people in schools and in the community, such as arts workshops, pen-pals projects, and performances. In addition, Old School strives to advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by providing high-quality artistic performances in public places, senior citizens' homes, churches, community centers, and educational institutions.

Old School was founded and is run by, artists and educators Claire Rouleau and Erin Winsor. Claire and Erin are both graduates of Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Performance Program and have significant professional and personal experience working with seniors and young people. Claire and Erin facilitated a Pen Pal Project for three years whereby grade six students and residents at several seniors’ homes in St. Johns connected through written word, theatre, dance, and music. Old School also offered a project called Telephone Tunes to isolated seniors throughout both Covid-19 lockdowns in the province. This project connected professional and community artists to seniors through music.

What We Do

Old School offers intergenerational arts programs that break down internal and external stigmas about aging and abilities; improve physical health such as coordination, joint mobility, breathing control; and increase participation in other daily activities. Some examples include skill-sharing workshops, live accessible performances, and reminiscence work.

Currently, Old School is installing the accessibility door to The Old School Bus that will be traveling around the province to facilitate programming and training to young people and seniors. The Old School Bus will not be used to transport people, rather used as a mobile programming space and an arts hub for people of all ages and abilities to create authentic connections through the arts. Once the bus has the accessibility door installed the retrofit will begin and then lots of great programming!!

Why it is important:

- Newfoundland and Labrador's population is aging. The median age is expected to increase from 47.1 years to 50.8 years by 2040.

- Seniors province-wide are struggling with isolation due to the limitations of Covid-19 safety measures.

- Migration of young people from the province and immigration of new Canadians to the province leaves families cut off from extended family members, young or old.

- Create social contact and friendships and enable social-emotional learning and cultural exchange/understanding.

- Young people are facing interpersonal and social difficulties due to the presence of technology in their lives.

- Older adults are struggling to keep abreast of societal and technological changes in their own communities.

- Outlet for thought, exploration, and play and validates each individual's contributions and experiences. Programs can also increase confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of accomplishment.

Ongoing and Upcoming Work

Telephone Tunes, Pen Pal Project with Arts Smarts NL, The Reminiscence Project, The Old School Bus Retrofit, By The Sea Sensory Show, Matching Memories Game, Pen Pal Project Partnership with the ANC, Creative Communities

Call for Support

As a new, charitable organization, Old School is seeking community donations and/or corporate sponsorships. Old School has been relying on project funding to support the various projects and is beyond grateful to funders thus far. Every little bit counts during the beginning stages of a charity; a big thank you for supporting Old School Intergenerational Projects.

Project Support from: 

New Horizons for Seniors Program (Government of Canada), Seniors Social Inclusion Program & Come Home Year (Government of NL), City of St. John's, Scotiabank Community Fund




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