Dénomination enregistrée: OLIVE TREE FOUNDATION

Numéro d'entreprise: 857334700RR0001

Our Mission

The Olive Tree Foundation is dedicated to promoting and perpetuating philanthropy and enhancing community life through responsible grant making in Canada.

The Olive Tree Foundation encourages and facilitates the creation and growth of endowment funds to enable the community to realize its potential. The Foundation maintains effective stewardship over all assets entrusted to it; distributes grants that reflect donors’ wishes and community priorities; and provides leadership in the Muslim and general communities.


The Olive Tree Foundation was founded in 2004 by civic leaders and philanthropists.

The Foundation is a charitable organization formed to attract and manage permanent endowment funds and to distribute income from those funds back to the community. We provide grants to registered charitable organizations for projects that maintain or improve quality of life in the community.

Our fields of interest include:

- Social, Community and Health Services

- Education and Library Services

- Policy Institutes and Think Tanks

- Arts, Culture and Heritage

- Children, Youth, & Family

- Seniors

- Environment

- Community Economic Development

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