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On Guard for Humanity

Dénomination enregistrée : On Guard for Humanity

Numéro d'entreprise : 845269075RR0001

On Guard for Humanity

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Our Mission

On Guard for Humanity’s mission is to reduce the human, social, economic, cultural and environmental losses from natural and other disasters that occur repetitively in communities’ world-wide and who lack the means to develop these programs on their own.

On Guard for Humanity creates “partnerships for success” between local civil defence authorities and these communities, providing them with the training & education, materials, equipment, technology and infrastructure support to maintain and activate proactive disaster mitigation measures independently from major international non-government relief agencies.

On Guard for Humanity’s mission emphasizes prevention and education in the first instance, but will also provide emergency relief, rescue and recovery services 24/7/365 anywhere in the world.


On Guard for Humanity was formed out of recognition that when major natural and man-made disasters occur, much needed help arrives too late and tends to be disproportionate to local needs at the time of delivery (wrong materiel, wrong time, and wrong place). We believe that local community–based prevention and disaster mitigation programs are less costly and more effective.

On Guard for Humanity seeks to train and equip these communities to protect themselves from natural and man-made disasters, through the creation of local disaster mitigation and response centers. On Guard for Humanity underwrites the capital and operating costs of these centers, rather than providing financial aid directly to communities to spend as they see fit. In this way On Guard for Humanity insures that its objectives, and those of the donors who support On Guard for Humanity are met.


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