One Body Village Canada

Dénomination enregistrée: One Body Village

Numéro d'entreprise: 776896524RR0001


However, for two million children across the globe who are sold into the commercial sex trade industry every year (approximately 4 children sold every minute), they are lost and without hope. 

One Body Village Canada exists to restore hope to sexually abused and exploited children in Vietnam and Cambodia, where the resources are limited and widespread poverty, low education, cultural attitudes, and pervasive corruption perpetuate the cycle of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

In partnership with One Body Village USA (, we provide short-term and long-term housing, basic needs, education, medical care, psychological counseling, vocational training and prevention programs to help our children in Vietnam and Cambodia heal, grow and achieve their hopes and dreams. In 2017, we supported 35 children in our homes, 20-30 in the community, and reached over 10,000 women and children in urban and rural areas of Vietnam and Cambodia! 

These children may live across the globe in the most removed of places, but we live in an era of technology and information that connects us to all of them. As Canadians, we have the power and duty to fight for the rights and protection of vulnerable children beyond our own borders. Together, we can help them regain their human dignity, restore their self-esteem, realize their self-worth, and rebuild their lives! 

Let's make a world of difference, one child at a time!

#freedomforallchildren #givehope #givefreedom #stopchildsexslavery

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