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L'Espoir du Canada

Dénomination enregistrée : One Hope Ministries of Canada (British Columbia Branch)

Numéro d'entreprise : 107764573RR0002

L'Espoir du Canada

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Our Mission

We present the Gospel, particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ and especially to children and youth, and we disciple believers for living and serving through His Church.

About One Hope Canada-BC (formerly CSSM)

We have 10 different ministries throughout BC focused primarily on the children and youth of BC. The majority of our ministries use summer Bible Camp as their vehicle to bringing the hope and love of Jesus Christ to those in BC that may not have heard of Christ. We have a team of 20 plus staff along with hundreds of summer volunteers making this happen. Part of our work focuses on those with special needs, both physical and mental disabilities through a ministry call Amasa.We also reach 6 - 8 remote communities with our Adventure Day Camps ministry. See our website for these and our other ministries.


212 Henderson Hwy, Box 323

Winnipeg, MB, R2L 1L8

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