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One Plane Away

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We send care packages for babies and their caregivers out to families in Nunavut. Our care boxes include blankets, hats, clothing, toys.

One Plane Away

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Nunavut has the highest birth rate in Canada. At 21.4% live births per 1,000 people in 2020, Nunavut’s birth rate is double the national average of 9.4%1. The birth rate in Nunavut continues to grow at a faster rate than any other Canadian province or territory

Unfortunately, one of the most significant issues in Nunavut is lack of access. Nunavut consists of 25 fly-in only communities. This means that all supplies, including food, and baby supplies has to come in on the planes or if the community has water access, on the yearly sealift.

As you can imagine, essential baby items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, winter gear, etc. is very expensive and in limited supply. Ordering the supplies off of online shops is also not an option due to high shipping costs and some websites do not accept PO boxes as valid addresses, which is the only way we can receive our mail in the Territory.

One Plane Away’s primary objective is to help support Nunavut babies in need by giving them the clothing and supplies that are often unavailable or unattainable.

Our donations are packed into boxes and then sent out via cargo to the mothers who request them in Nunavut! This is possible because of the support of Child’s First initiative who helps us send each and every box to a baby.


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