One Purpose Together

Dénomination enregistrée: HERITAGE PARK ALLIANCE CHURCH

Numéro d'entreprise: 107479172RR0001

One purpose together is a collective of Southwestern Ontario churches and community organizations who have partnered together to sponsor multiple refugee families fleeing war, violence, and oppression.  Our aim is to help these families begin to rebuild their lives here in Canada, providing them with safety, security, and the confidence to become active and contributing members of our society and communities.

Working together with a single purpose allows us to be better, stronger, and more equipped to achieve our vision of providing love, compassion and a new start to those fleeing oppression.  We are newly formed and looking for more churches and community organizations across the area who can work together to sponsor at least 3 families. We are reaching out to local businesses supporting with sales and in-kind donations, and a dedicated committee steering our progress, we are setting a precedent of cooperation and collaboration.

We deeply believe this project involves not only the core members of our sponsorship teams and committees, but expands to the communities of Windsor Essex/Kent and Lambton counties as a whole, which means we would love to see YOU involved.

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