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Dénomination enregistrée : Ontario Community Emergency Assistance Program

Numéro d'entreprise : 856860010RR0001


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Our Mission

The OCEAP By-Laws state that the objectives of the Program are:

a) To assist emergency services in times of need;

b) To assist federal, provincial or municipal emergency measure organizations in times of need;

c) To provide education to the public on the basics of emergency preparedness;

d) To coordinate local response teams for the purpose of facilitating the communities helping communities philosophy;

e) To maintain relationships with individuals and organizations which have similar or complementary objectives for the purpose of sharing information in support of the OCEAP mission.

About Ontario Community Emergency Assistance Program

The Ontario Community Emergency Assistance Program (OCEAP) is a new vision in community education and participation in both local and provincial emergency and disaster services. OCEAP provides this service thru the creation and management of local Community Emergency Assistance Teams.

These community teams affiliate with local government management and emergency services to provide them with a professional, multi-role, community-based surge capacity/response to major incidents.

In addition, each local OCEAP team is plugged into a larger network of neighboring teams whom support each other by following a ‘communities helping communities’ philosophy.

The focus for this new program has and continues to be providing a professional multi-role approach to training and providing community volunteers that can provide a variety of types of assistance in times of need.


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