Dénomination enregistrée: ONTARIO LAND TRUST ALLIANCE INC.

Numéro d'entreprise: 869437517RR0001


The Ontario Land Trust Alliance strengthens land conservation by building and supporting a strong land trust community.

We are dedicated to preserving natural lands, native species and habitats, and agricultural and cultural heritage in Ontario and beyond. With your help we are able to protect wild spaces to support healthy lands, people and ecosystems for future generations.


OLTA supports the efforts of over 33 land trusts and associates across Ontario. Fuelled by more than 100,000 volunteers, OLTA members have conserved over 85,000 acres across Ontario - and their impact continues to grow.

As Canadians, we all have the incredible privilege of being close to nature.  Expansive wetlands, tough alvars, and majestic snow forests dot our landscape, while charismatic species like the moose and Algonquin wolf roam our rugged wilderness.  

These natural features connect us all, and each of us have memories of experiences connected to the great outdoors.  Whether it was traveling out of the city to go stargazing with your friends, heading to Muskoka for a camping trip with the kids, taking your dogs for a three hour hike - not just for them….but for you too - or getting up at 3 am and freezing your pants off to go ice fishing with the guys….fond memories accompany our time in nature, and provide us with a calm unlike many other things in life.

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