Dénomination enregistrée: KAWARTHA TURTLE TRAUMA CENTRE

Numéro d'entreprise: 857524409RR0001

Our Mission

Your support of the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (home of Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre) is saving Ontario's native species of turtles! With your help, we make Ontario a safer place for turtles by:

• Operating a hospital for native turtles

• Creating an appreciation of Ontario’s native turtles through education and awareness, with the help of our Education Centre and outreach program

• Increasing our impact through partnerships and professional collaboration

Turtle rehabilitation is conservation in action!


Located in Peterborough Ontario, the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (home of Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre) is a registered charity whose goal is to aid in the conservation of Ontario’s native turtles and the habitat in which they live. We accomplish this by operating a turtle hospital that treats, rehabilitates and releases injured turtles, by running an education and outreach program, and by performing extensive research in the field to further conservation initiatives

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