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Opération Rentrer Au Foyer

Dénomination enregistrée : Operation Come Home / Opération Rentrer au Foyer

Numéro d'entreprise : 119068997RR0001

Operation Come Home strives to prevent homeless youth from becoming homeless adults by engaging youth in personal growth and development.

Opération Rentrer Au Foyer

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Our Mission

OPERATION COME HOME PREVENTS HOMELESS YOUTH FROM BECOMING HOMELESS ADULTS Operation Come Home accomplishes this mission by providing homeless youth ages 16-30 (age limits vary based on programs) with a variety of unique programs and services.

About Operation Come Home

Today, Operation Come Home offers supported education and employment, social enterprises, street outreach, drop-in centre and emergency services and our original mandate, reunite, that assists runaway youth return home to their families. Operation Come Home provides programs and services to more than 500+ youth per year, all of whom gain access to OCH with the hope of becoming contributing members of their communities.


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