Dénomination enregistrée: ORCHARD PARK NURSERY SCHOOL INC.

Numéro d'entreprise: 107802845RR0001

Our Mission

At Orchard Park Nursery School our objective is to provide a stimulating environment which will foster the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth of our children. We believe each child is unique and learning occurs through constructive play in a warm and happy atmosphere. Our curriculum is designed to expose children to a wide variety of materials, equipment, and activities. It is also structured so that children have opportunities to play with one another, explore on their own, and to be together as a group. The small class size ensures both a comforting introduction to school life and lots of individual attention.


The daily routine at Orchard Park Nursery School includes such activities as circle, gym, story time and free play periods. Children may choose to explore the sensory bin, try their hand at different crafts, visit the computer center, let their imagination weave glorious stories in the dress-up and family area, or spend a quiet moment contemplating a new or favourite book in the reading corner.

Each week a different theme is featured and is incorporated in all activities. Imagine the appeal of a noisy day, a teddy bear picnic, favourite shape day and various colour days.

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