Oriana Women’s Choir

Dénomination enregistrée: THE ORIANA SINGERS

Numéro d'entreprise: 119248961RR0001

Oriana Women’s Choir explores the possibilities in choral music for the female voice, seeking out new experiences and opportunities. The choir collaborates with a wide range of artists to push the boundaries of what audiences might typically expect in women’s choral repertoire and performance, while adhering to a high artistic standard. 

Led by Artistic Director Mitchell Pady, we foster the creation of new Canadian choral repertoire for women’s voices through regular commissioning and by maintaining a composer-in-residence relationship (currently with Matthew Emery). Oriana undertakes artistic collaborations with a wide variety musicians and artists from other disciplines such as dance and visual arts, expanding the repertoire beyond classical choral music.  

Oriana is committed to the principle of social equity and has a policy to ensure that no financial, physical, or other barriers will prevent a singer who has successfully auditioned from joining the choir.

We are supported by grants from the Toronto Arts Council, Business for the Arts and the SOCAN Foundation, by corporate sponsorship, concert revenues, fundraising efforts, chorister fees, and by generous support from individual donors.

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