Dénomination enregistrée: ORIGINAL KIDS THEATRE

Numéro d'entreprise: 890426851RR0001

Our Mission

Original Kids Theatre Company enriches and celebrates the lives of young people through the arts, providing them with opportunities to mature and to learn positive values through a variety of theatre experiences in a safe and challenging environment.


Original Kids Theatre is a performing arts organization where young people can grow and flourish without the fear that taking a risk is wrong or dangerous. It’s a total theatre experience where our youth can blossom as performers. The learning extends further than that. Original Kids is an attitude of support and a standard of behavior. It is an environment in which kids can feel safe expressing themselves without fear of ridicule. After all, they’re among friends. Our carefully chosen artistic staff has found a way to produce fine results on the stage, while maintaining the natural spontaneity of the child. They nurture a love of the arts by sharing their knowledge and passion with anyone who will learn and listen.Original Kids Theatre was not formed to create stars. Each child already shines in his or her own special way. It is hoped that through exposure to the arts, youth will more easily share in the joy of life with a heightened appreciation for themselves and those around them.

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