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Osoyoos & District Arts Council

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Osoyoos & District Arts Council

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The mission of the Osoyoos & District Arts Council is to increase and broaden opportunities to enjoy, participate and be enriched by arts and culture. 

The Osoyoos Community Arts Council was incorporated in December 1981, and officially changed its name to the Osoyoos & District Arts Council, July 14, 1989. 


8713 Main St. Osoyoos, B.C

Shows open throughout the year with restricted hours.

Follow our website for more details.

The Art Gallery Osoyoos is a Standing Committee of the Osoyoos & District Arts Council. It is situated in one of the most unique and beautiful towns in the Okanagan Valley, and offers original art produced by artists and artisans.  The gallery features guest artists, local and nonlocal, throughout the year.   The gallery is located at the corner of 89th Street and Main Street.

Osoyoos Performing Arts

Osoyoos Performing Arts (OPA) is a Standing Committee of the Osoyoos and District Arts Council. It was formerly known as the Osoyoos Concert Series. OPA has expanded its offerings to 5 major concerts featuring a combination of touring performers and regional performers.  

Other events will also be  held throughout the year in various locations.

The Osoyoos Community Theatre is the preferred venue.

We provide support to our members and member group in our community. Our volunteer board members and event volunteers work tirelessly to provide opportunities for everyone to highlight their arts and for our community members to enjoy!


P.O. BOX 256


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