Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre


Numéro d'entreprise: 132240284RR0001

Our Mission

For 30 years the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre has been giving wildlife a voice and helping people live in harmony with nature.

Our mission is to establish a better understanding and respect for wildlife and to mitigate the impact of rapid development and human encroachment into wildlife habitat. We have a wide range of Programs which include:

  • Giving School Presentations to teach children understanding and respect for local wildlife.
  • Hosting Workshops at the Centre to connect people of all ages to nature.
  • Working with Community groups to protect wildlife and their habitat.
  • Providing people the tools to humanely resolve human-wildlife conflicts.
  • Developing and promoting progressive alternatives to cruel and outdated policies that harm wildlife.

The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre strongly believes that appreciating wildlife in our backyards is the first step in conservation and that all major change has to start with one individual's actions.

The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre was established in 1987 and originally provided wildlife rehabilitation for orphaned and injured wild mammals.

Changes in provincial regulations governing rehabilitation made it difficult to provide humane and responsible outcomes for wildlife so the Centre redirected its focus to education.

This has given the Centre the opportunity to address the root causes of the problems facing wildlife rather than just treating the symptoms.

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