Dénomination enregistrée: OTTAWA FOLK FESTIVAL

Numéro d'entreprise: 884426040RR0001

Our Mission

The Ottawa Folk Festival is a non-profit volunteer-based community organization which celebrates the creativity of musicians, dancers, artisans, and storytellers through an annual festival and a series of concerts during the year.


The Ottawa Folk Festival (OFF) presents a four-day summer festival & a series of year-round concerts & educational events that provide abundant opportunities for artistic appreciation, hands-on participation, and learning.

The OFF is recognized as a leader in the North American festival community. For the past 17 years, this charitable organization has worked with commitment & vision to create an internationally-respected event that enriches people by connecting them with one another & with the arts.

Known for its commitment to imaginative programming, audience participation, children's activities, environmental responsibility and artist development, the festival continually receives recognition as one of the top festivals by the FEO.

By creating powerful opportunities for audiences, artists, volunteers and partners to celebrate, learn and grow together, the OFF delivers major cultural & social benefits to the local, regional, national and international community

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