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Festival Fringe d'Ottawa

Dénomination enregistrée : Ottawa Fringe Festival

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An open-access festival (no curators) where performers keep 100% of ticket sales.

Festival Fringe d'Ottawa

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Who we are:

The Ottawa Fringe is not-for-profit charitable organization that provides all performing artists, both emerging and established, equal opportunity to produce their work – regardless of form, content, or style – and to make the event affordable and accessible to members of the community.

Our mission is to encourage artists to take risks, pursue their vision, and develop their skills. 

Who you are:

Our Fringe audiences come from all walks of life, but there is one unifying quality about all of you: you believe in supporting Ottawa's artists. 

It's that simple. 

Every ticket purchased, every Tweet sent, every recommendation given, every monthly donation — it all helps us continue to offer platforms to Ottawa's local artists, and to inspire all of us with the best theatre Canada has to offer.

You're a true patron of the Arts when you're a patron of the Ottawa Fringe.

At the Ottawa Fringe Festival, 100% of box office revenue is returned to the performers.

No it's true!

We believe in paying our artists everything they deserve, and that means taking no cuts for ourselves. 

Then how do we do it? Beer sales, mostly.

But all jokes aside, we rely on public funding, private donations, sales of our Fringe Pins, and the generosity of our 100+ volunteers to see both our Ottawa Fringe Festival and undercurrents festival thrive.

By donating today, you're helping us keep our theatres open with actors on our stages for years to come. 

About Ottawa Fringe Festival

The Ottawa Fringe is a charitable non-profit with a mandate to provide a stage for the performing arts that is as accessible to artists as it is for audiences.

The Ottawa Fringe Festival is our organizations flagship event. In June 2022, we are not only we celebrating the return to an in-person Fringe Festival, but it's also the 25th Ottawa Fringe Festival!

For over a decade, we've also been producing the undercurrents theatre festival, which has premiered 22 new plays by Ottawa theatre artists in just 12 years.

Since 2013, the Ottawa Fringe has been managing a venue and rehearsal spaces downtown at Arts Court Theatre. We have sponsored, mentored, and supported the Fresh Meat Fest and have supported or assisted in the development of more local initiatives which create opportunities for independent artists in Ottawa.





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