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Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

Dénomination enregistrée : OTTAWA RAPE CRISIS CENTRE

Numéro d'entreprise : 119109221RR0001

ORCC has a sister centre, CALCS, who support women who are francophone. For more info visit:

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

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The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (ORCC) offers support for people who have experienced sexual and/or gender-based violence in the Ottawa region. We offer crisis support, counselling, service navigation, psychoeducation, and advocacy for systemic change.

About the ORCC

Established in 1974, ORCC is a registered Canadian charity that supports and empowers survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. ORCC is a historic survivor-centred, pro-active, anti-racist, feminist organization committed to fostering a sense of safety and a strong foundation for our clients in their healing journey. Our team also works to build a more robust community response calling for awareness, safety, and prevention protocols while advocating to dismantle oppressive systems perpetuating these targeted acts of violence.

It will genuinely take collective efforts of a caring community to end sexual and gender-based violence. In 2022, 2638 trauma-informed counselling sessions were attended through ORCC's Counselling Services Team by people with lived experience. Despite that higher number, it only reflects a fraction of the people yet to be seen who are presently waiting to receive one-to-one counselling within our care community.

Your donation helps ensure we continue to provide safe, relevant, and accessible services that survivors throughout Ottawa and its surrounding areas can rely on.

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