Dénomination enregistrée: OTTAWA ROTARY HOME FOUNDATION

Numéro d'entreprise: 894187962RR0001

Our Mission

The Ottawa Rotary Home exists to improve the quality of life of caregivers and individuals with disabilities through a family and person-centered approach that is responsive to individual needs and offered in a dynamic and flexible way.

The Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation supports the respite care programs of The Ottawa Rotary Home - a charitable organization offering 24-hour, out-of-home respite to families caring for children, youth and young adults with physical disabilities. The Home is staffed by trained professionals and is filled with nursing and medical rooms plus specialized equipment for the diverse needs of the individuals. It is a warm and loving home away from home for children and youth to stay for a few hours to a few weeks at a time while their parents take a much needed break.

The importance of respite out-of-home care for families is widely acknowledged. The daily stresses of caring for a child with special needs can lead to tension and fatigue, ultimately affecting not just the parents but also the whole family. Regular periods of out-of-home relief give a family a chance to rest and recuperate. These periods also provide the child with new opportunities to socialize, learn and adapt to new situations. This objective, however, can only be accomplished if the family is confident that the child is well cared for in a home-like facility that provides a warm and loving atmosphere. That is just what The Ottawa Rotary Home has provided for over 30 years.

Our ultimate goal is to keep families strong and together.


Since 1982, The Ottawa Rotary Home has provided short-term, out-of-home, relief to families who have a child or children with physical disabilities or complex medical needs. Any child with a neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disability, which impedes mobility, or having a complex medical need that requires 24-hour nursing care, is eligible for admission to the Home's programs. We also offer a variety of respite programs fro young adults living with physical disabilities.

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