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Ottawa Safety Council

Dénomination enregistrée : OTTAWA SAFETY COUNCIL

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The Ottawa Safety Council creates and delivers programs that guide communities towards safe roads, no matter how travelled.

Ottawa Safety Council

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Our Mission

The mission of the Ottawa Safety Council (OSC) is to deliver best-in-class road safe services, education, training and awareness throughout our communities.


Founded as a not-for-profit, non-government organization in 1957, the Ottawa Safety Council has a well-established reputation as a leader in safety education. We continually check our environment to identify gaps in safety promotion and seek to meet the need, either through individual effort or with the many health and safety-related organizations throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario with whom we cooperate.

We offer an array of programs and services. Our programs include Motorcycle Training, School Zone Safety (Crossing Guards Services, Pedestrian, Cycling & Passenger Safety Education) and road safety awareness campaigns.

Our Motorcycle Training Programs reach over 1000 motorcycle students per year and our BestFit Car Seat Clinics ensure over 2000 people per year have their car seats and booster seats properly secured.

RoadSMARTS4Kids (RS4K) library of resources provides digital, “turn-key” educational resources for use by teachers, educators and parents.  RS4K makes learning important road safety concepts, skills and awareness fun and engaging for elementary age children, while meeting curriculum requirements.

These resources are free, easy to use and cover a variety of age-appropriate road safety teachings.

The RS4K library offers Educators:

  • The RoadSMARTS E-cademy – A suite of fun, educational, interactive and “gamified” e-learning courses and quizzes
  • Downloadable Lesson Plans & Presentations
  • Videos
  • Worksheets, Activities & Challenges

Motorcycle Training Programs

The Ottawa Safety Council’s Motorcycle Training Program began in 1967 and is run by a dedicated team of volunteer instructors who are passionate about ensuring the next generation of riders get the best start possible.

We are a licenced testing authority for the MTO  in our M1 Exit and M2 Exit programs.  We are under the umbrella of the Canada Safety Council for our M1 Exit and Gearing Up Introduction courses, which require our instructors to pass rigorous yearly testing.

School Crossing Guard Programs

We employ over 500 Crossing Guards across Ottawa, Toronto and Brockville, helping children all across our communities travel to and from school safely.

RoadSMARTS4Kids (RS4K)

RS4K has reached over 10,000 kids across Canada since it launched in 2023, providing valuable road safety education for children.  Ninety-two percent of students who have taken our RS4K course have improved their road safety knowledge by 15%!

For more information on all of our road safety programs, visit: and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and like us on Facebook


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