Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Centre

Dénomination enregistrée: Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Centre

Numéro d'entreprise: 835524240RR0001

Our Mission

To build a thriving spiritual community which supports individuals’ personal and spiritual growth through worship services, workshops, training programs and pastoral counselling.

To conduct worship services that may include meditation, healing, discourse and spirit communication.

To promote spiritual self-development by offering classes, workshops and training.

To provide a comprehensive certificate Ministry Program for those who seek to serve.

To provide spiritual healing to those who request it, with the understanding that this does not replace a physician’s medical care.

To perform spiritual marriage blessings, memorial services and naming ceremonies to those who desire a more spiritual environment for major life changes.

To provide spiritual and pastoral counselling to those who request it.


Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Centre is a Spiritual Centre which promotes and encourages each individual’s personal spiritual unfoldment.

We are not linked to any organized church or religion, but believe in each individual’s personal path to become enlightened and inspired by the indwelling Source Energy that we call God.

We welcome those of all faiths, all cultures and belief systems.

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