Nos gamins Kenyan

Dénomination enregistrée: Our Kenyan Kids / Nos gamins Kenyans

Numéro d'entreprise: 810593012RR0001

Our Mission

Our Kenyan Kids supports Children and Youth affected by poverty and/or HIV AIDS, in Kenya and elsewhere, by providing education, training, humanitarian aid, and nurturing relationships, one child at a time.

About Our Kenyan Kids

Education - Our Kenyan Kids supports promising students who would otherwise be unable to attend high school. Children with special needs, including developmental delays and deafness are supported in special schools. Young women are supplied with monthly sanitary protection so that they may stay in school full time.

Training - the rent and teacher's salary are paid at a tailoring school in a Nairobi slum so that young people have the opportunity to learn an income generating skill.

Humanitarian Aid - The salaries of eight care givers at a Nairobi orphanage are paid to provide loving support for the children. A second orphanage for infants awaiting adoption receives regular support through an adopt-a-cot program.

Food and other necessities are provided for a third institution.

Health Care - selenium supplements are provided free for many people with HIV AIDS, particularly mothers and grandmothers, resulting in improvement of health and energy.

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