Our Own Health Centre

Dénomination enregistrée: Our Own Health Centre, Inc.

Numéro d'entreprise: 849986237RR0001

Our Own Health Centre is a Winnipeg medical clinic which offers interdisciplinary health care to everybody but specializes in the care of gay and bisexual men. This unique clinic is award-winning and also is nationally recognized for its work.

Our Own Health Centre (OOHC) staff believe in holistic health care, so in addition to Family Medicine, we also offer exercise and nutrition counseling with a kinesiologist, and medication reviews, diabetes care, and smoking cessation programs with a pharmacist. Soon, we will introduce mental health counseling and foot care with further plans for massage therapy.

Many of the services we offer are not covered by the Manitoba provincial health plan, so charitable donations help us bring these services to people who otherwise could not afford them.

OOHC also has a strong focus on sexual health and charitable donations allow us to continue programming around healthy sexuality, such as offering rapid HIV testing and safer sexuality education at Winnipeg Pride.

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