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Our Place Peel

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About Our Place Peel

Our Place Peel is a registered, non-profit and charitable organization that is focused on providing safe shelter and support to homeless and disadvantaged youth aged 16-24 in the Region of Peel through our Emergency Youth Shelters and Outreach Programs. These programs have a significant impact on preventing youth homelessness, as well as ensuring those who need shelter do not re-enter the system.

Vision – All youth have a place to call home

Mission – Empowering youth through prevention, intervention and support in accessing safe and sustainable housing

For over 35 years, Our Place Peel has helped homeless and at-risk youth in the Peel Region with shelter, support and hope for a brighter future. We provide advocacy, education, housing and quality support services to empower youth, instill hope and enhance lives by providing counselling and resources along with the basic necessities of life.

Some of our key programs include:

  • Emergency Youth Shelter – a 20-bed shelter for youth to find refuge, safety, housing supports and resources that operates 24/7.
  • Resource Room - A place where youth can access life skills programming, as well as computers and printers for employment and housing purposes.
  • Outreach Services – A team of Housing Workers, Intense Case Workers, Employment Counsellors, and Family Reconciliation Workers dedicated to providing prevention and after-care services to our youth.
  • Mental Health Program – Our Mental Health project assists homeless youth in getting the support they need to manage their mental health and substance use during a highly vulnerable time. Youth meet with the Mental Health Worker to develop a plan that is customized based on the youths’ needs and focuses on long-term growth and improving their quality of life.

In July 2021, we acquired an additional youth shelter in Brampton where we are able to expand our support to even more youth who are at-risk or facing homelessness. This allows us to provide an additional 40 beds to youth - keeping them off the streets, working with them to prevent homelessness, diverting them from an emergency shelter when possible, assessing their needs and providing quality service and care in a supportive environment.

Although we are proud of our accomplishments over the last 35 years, we know that there is still a lot to be done. We look forward to continuing to improve the lives of youth who are disadvantaged and experiencing homelessness in the Region of Peel.

Thank you for thinking about Our Place Peel as your charitable organization. If you would like more information on sponsorships, fundraising and upcoming special events, please contact us.




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