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Our mission: provide life-changing surgeries to those who could never afford it Our goal: help on child per month

Our Little Charity Canada

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Our Little Charity Canada (OLCC) is a group of volunteers driven by a passion to value the most vulnerable children in Kenya by restoring physical health and hope.

"But the greatest of these is charity." 1st Corinthians 13:13b (King James Version)

Our missionprovide life changing surgeries and medical interventions for those who could never afford it.

Our goal: help one child per month; restore physical health & enable growth to their full potential.  

Medical Interventions = HUGE IMPACT!

OLCC is inspired by God’s love (charity) for humanity and responds to His call to care for ‘the least of these’. We find these precious children through collaboration with our Kenyan affiliate, Kisima International, an official Kenyan charity. They identify those who ‘fall through the cracks’ and have no other options.

Every year, and most recently in September 2023, Naida Harris, one of our OLCC Directors, travelled to Kenya, visiting children who received surgeries and the families who had received hampers. All were delighted to meet her, with family members expressing their extreme thankfulness for the generosity of Canadians whom they have never met.

We have seen first hand the transformative affect on the children’s physical health as well as their minds, emotions and spirits. This HUGE IMPACT causes a ripple effect, infusing hope into their families and entire communities!

Meet all the children, experience their journeys, like and share their stories and on Facebook - Our Little Charity Canada

The children NEED your help: please donate. Thank you.

We invite you to make Our Little Charity Canada your own! Volunteers are welcome and needed.


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