Out of Bounds

Dénomination enregistrée: Out of Bounds: Grief Support

Numéro d'entreprise: 841215262RR0001

"Grief Support from the Inside Out"

With a mandate to empower and strengthen the resilience of grievers, Out Of Bounds (OOB) specializes in providing culturally responsive, compassionate, non-denomination “mutual peer support” for youth, individuals, families and communities. OOB strives to remain adaptable, motivated and responsive while servicing the needs of our community. We pride ourselves on being client-focused, relevant and open to new ideas that will promote holistic well-being.

OOB is based in Jane/Finch but services are also provided to neighbouring communities and other provinces. We have become known for the reliable, sensitive, customized grief and trauma care that is necessary for grievers of all ages. We also provide consistent, pragmatic grief /trauma support and education to bereaved mothers and siblings to assist them in healing and rebuilding their lives. As part of knowledge-sharing, OOB provides trauma-focused training on the Introductory, Intermediary and Advanced levels.

Over the past fifteen years, OOB has demonstrated strong advocacy for gun violence survivors and conducted research with Ryerson University and Women’s College Hospital. We have published articles, book chapters and developed customized, copyrighted “Empowerment Models” from our work with gun violence survivors, which will help guide groups, agencies, students, educators and policy-makers.

Visit us at: http://outofboundsjf.org/

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