Outdoor Council of Canada Foundation

Dénomination enregistrée: Outdoor Council of Canada Foundation

Numéro d'entreprise: 833275886RR0001

Our Vision

Every Canadian will have access to outdoor education and activity

Our Mission

To promote and enable accessibility to outdoor education and activity for every Canadian.

The purpose of the Outdoor Council of Canada Foundation (OCCF) is to ensure that the long-standing Canadian tradition of connection with, and involvement in, the natural world is maintained and nurtured in practical and accessible ways. The decline of Canadian's involvement in outdoor activities is a cause for concern since:

  • Experiential education in natural environment's provides unique and valuable learning opportunities.

  • Connection with the natural world and the understanding of our impact, and dependence upon the outdoors has decreased.

  • Low physical activity levels of individuals results in increased absenteeism from work, lowered productivity rates, and an increased strain on the Health Care system due to wellness costs.

  • And, the use of our National Park system, and support for our natural heritage, has deteriorated.

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