Outside the March Theatre Company Inc.

Dénomination enregistrée: Outside the March Theatre Company Inc.

Numéro d'entreprise: 838505774RR0001

Outside the March is igniting a new generation of audiences by offering unforgettable experiences in unconventional spaces—redefining where, how and for whom theatre takes place.

We create work that is: 

  • 1) IMMERSIVE: We offer full theatrical experiences—personal and immediate encounters that endure. 
  • 2)  SITE-ENGAGING: We transform found spaces into playgrounds of performance, as well as unearthing new possibilities within traditional theatres. 
  • 3)  NEW: We introduce local and international voices to our audiences—compelling stories that grapple with our here and now. 
  • 4)  WIDE-REACHING: We are looking to captivate a wide range of individuals, especially audiences who might not normally find themselves in the theatre.
  • 5)  COMMUNAL: We forge resonant collaborations between artists of all levels of experience and across disciplines, as well as meaningful partnerships within our community.
  • OtM is led by Artistic Director Mitchell Cushman, Managing Producer Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld, and Core Artistic Team Amy KeatingSebastien Heins , Ishai Buchbinder and Katherine Cullen

Previous productions include Mr. Marmalade, Terminus, Passion Play, Mr. Burns, Vitals, and TomorrowLoveTM.  

Outside the March is proud to be a Company in Residence at GENERATOR.

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