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PARA Marine Search and Rescue

Dénomination enregistrée : PARA MARINE SEARCH & RESCUE

Numéro d'entreprise : 868020843RR0001

PARA is a nonprofit organization operating a marine search & rescue service to protect mariners, assist police, fire, and EMS on the water.

PARA Marine Search and Rescue

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PARA Marine Search & Rescue operates a rescue vessel with the marine rescue call sign PARA Marine. As a founding member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA), PARA Marine Search & Rescue is part of District 1 of the CCGA's Central and Arctic region.

Founded in 1967 we are one of the oldest volunteer marine search and rescue units on Lake Ontario. Originally under the name Pickering Emergency Rescue Unit (PERU), we were renamed Pickering Ajax Rescue Unit in 1975 and in 1996 were legally incorporated as Pickering Auxiliary Rescue Association. As a nod to all the communities we we serve, we chose to re-brand in 2020 as PARA Marine Search & Rescue. It was a chance to celebrate our past while embrace all those we serve in Durham Region.

Looking back, we have always dedicated ourselves to serving the local community. While there have been a few cosmetic changes since 1967, our focus has always been on building a stronger organization. We look to continue this tradition in the years to come.




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