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Passion to Lead

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Passion to Leads vision is to provide young people around the world with opportunities to thrive and live free of violence.

Our mission is to provide young people with innovative leadership programming to ensure that they have the internal resources and external opportunities to think critically, act responsibly, and engage in life fully, bringing their full potential into the world.

Since 2007, we have provide programs and resources to over 5,000 young women in 10 countries by partnering with educational institutions and community agencies. And in 2015, we made a decision to expand our reach, become a more human-based versus gender-based organization to ensure that we are supporting humanity as a whole. We know this is not an easy feat, as there is so much still to do in our world with gender equality and we are excited at the challenge of spring boarding the next generation of possibilities.


Passion to Lead has five core initiatives


Elements of SUCCESS

The Elements of SUCCESS leadership development course, created by founder Loretta Cella, is a 14-hour program that provides youth with tools and resources to reach their full potential.


Based on the SUCCESS principles of

Self Exploration,

Understanding Limitations are Self Imposed,



Evaluation of Skills,

Skill Development and


the program works to build participants’ confidence, self esteem, communication skills, and ability to think critically about their life and their choices as individuals and within a group.

Elements of SUCCESS gives youth the tools they need to achieve personal success in life by supporting themselves, supporting others, and contributing back to their community through leadership development and coaching.

Train the Trainer (launching Fall 2016)

With a growing interest from schools and other organizations to provide this program, we’ve created a fee-for-service training program to expand our reach and offer an opportunity for teachers, counsellors and coaches already working with groups of young women to learn how to facilitate the program on their own. 

Within Canada the 14-hour program is tied to over 100 educational learning outcomes from Grades 6-12 and offers an opportunity for participants to complete up to 18 hours of their service learning hours.

For every course purchased within North America one train the trainer course is given to a teacher or community worker in a developing nation. Our goal is to create connection between the facilitators to share experiences and build a global partnership.


Global Sorority

Global Sorority is a movement to transform the negative connotations about sororities into positive ones by connecting young women regardless of socioeconomic or educational background and creating a shift in leadership development and sisterhood.

Global Sorority’s mission is to create awareness around gender equality, provide young women with sustainable leadership education, and facilitate a global sisterhood that mobilizes change, inspires action and creates economic opportunity.

Its work brings together girls from around the world, giving them a voice and and supporting them in realizing their full potential. Fostering a sense of community through local and global chapters, we have a dream of building an online media platform that will serve as an international foundation of support, education and empowerment.

Our first and current project is the Global Sorority Documentary Series, a documentary and media initiative that will share the stories of girls and women around the world. Please visit our film page here


SFU University Club

After 3 years of volunteering as a mentor with a women's club at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Loretta, founder of Passion to Lead, was approached by an inspired student to start a club at the university to support students who have gone through personal and academic challenges who needed a greater sense of community and confidence.

Since 2011 the club has provided workshops, events and group meetings for over 100 students. In 2015 the executive team created their first conference with over 50 attendees called Ignite Your Passion. It was an opportunity for students to learn more about different careers and success stories from a various of sought after professionals.


Healing Hamsa Gifts

Healing Hamsa is a social impact business that employs young women in need who have completed our Elements of SUCCESS leadership course by making healing gifts. When you purchase a semi precious stone mala bracelet and necklace or a shakti or shiva travel pillow (coming in 2017) you are not only employing a young woman in need you are also assisting other young women to have the same opportunity with 50% of profits going back to our leadership education fund.

We've had the opportunity to partner with Made it Vancouver and various community craft fairs in Vancouver since 2015. You can visit our online store here



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