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Dénomination enregistrée : PATHSTONE FOUNDATION

Numéro d'entreprise : 871080644RR0001

Pathstone Foundation raises funds for capital needs, innovative programs, and research at Pathstone Mental Health.

Pathstone Foundation

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About Pathstone Foundation

Pathstone Foundation, is the fundraising arm for Pathstone Mental Health. Our mission is to support programs and services at Pathstone that are not covered by government funding. Over the past four years, Pathstone Foundation has opened and funded with the generosity of donors, eight in-person youth walk-in clinics, located across Niagara. These clinics offer one-on-one mental health support in-person or via video at no cost, and without a referral or health card needed. Appointments can be made for same day service or in advance by calling 1-800-263-4944. 

About Pathstone Mental Health

Pathstone Mental Health is the primary provider of children’s mental health treatment in Niagara. We offer 17 treatment programs and services, delivered by highly qualified staff to strengthen the mental health of children and their families. Support is offered to children and youth living in Niagara from the start of their life to age 18.


1338 Fourth Avenue

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