Philadelphia Church of God

Dénomination enregistrée: PHILADELPHIA CHURCH OF GOD (CANADA)

Numéro d'entreprise: 894777150RR0001

Our Work

From the beginning of Jesus Christ’s ministry with just 12 disciples to the thousands of laborers, supporters and co-workers of today, God’s Work has had a vital job to do. The purpose for which Christ established the Church characterizes its work—its activities and overall commission.

The Work is a spiritual work. In the New Testament, Christ showed us that the purpose of God’s Work is twofold. First, we are to proclaim to the world, as a witness, the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. As part of that witness, because of mankind’s sins we are to publish the Bible’s warning of the disasters that will precede Christ’s Second Coming. Secondly, we are to spiritually nourish the Church itself, preparing the people God calls for future responsibilities under Christ when He returns to rule all nations in love.

The many and varied endeavors of the PCG all trace back to this clear, exciting twofold commission. The ministers and members of the PCG are dedicated to proclaiming and living the way of life explained in the Bible. It is a way of sharing and giving, of caring for others, of striving for godliness in all our dealings with our fellow man. It is a way of family harmony and joy, a way of peace among nations and peoples of all cultures and races. It is a way of rigorous accomplishment, and drawing on God’s help to achieve the very fullest of our incredible human potential.

The PCG is working—humbly, but diligently—to hasten the day when, as the Prophet Isaiah said, “the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9).

The PCG promotes strong families and practicing “pure religion”—looking after the widows and fatherless (James 1:27). Members endeavor to follow God’s law: love toward Him and love toward fellow man (Mark 12:30-31).

Philadelphia Church of God: Statement of Activities

The purpose of the Philadelphia Church of God is to preach, promote and advance the spiritual teachings of the Church. It is also the Church’s responsibility to support and maintain local congregations and ministers in order to propagate the faith. In furtherance of the above objective, the Philadelphia Church of God will:

  • Establish, maintain and administer churches to provide for the fraternal, spiritual and educational needs of those members of the public who wish to study or practice the religious observances, tenets and doctrines associated with the faith;
  • Educate, ordain and hire ministers to care for and work with the congregations;
  • Procure, advertise and arrange for the broadcast of The Key of David television program for the free educational benefit of the public and procure, advertise and circulate educational reading material and audio tapes for the free educational benefit of the public;
  • Establish, maintain and administer a central office to provide for the overall control, coordination and management of the Philadelphia Church of God, which includes general administration and record keeping relating to funds received, funds disbursed and other legal requirements;
  • Provide scholarships and other assistance based on applicants’ financial needs and local pastors’ recommendations to a summer educational program for youth and an annual religious retreat;
  • Provide for an evangelical and missionary support system in particular areas of the world to which the Philadelphia Church of God desires to bring a similar message by similar means as mentioned above;
  • Provide for humanitarian financial contributions or works of service through the Philadelphia Foundation to national and international charitable and humanitarian projects deemed worthy by the Philadelphia Church of God.

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