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Our Mission

Peace by Peace delivers an eleven week conflict resolution curriculum to grade five students across Toronto. Through interactive and fun games, along with group discussions, four to five members help the each classroom with daily problems to give them essential skills to create a more peaceful world.

“The most amazing and rewarding thing happens during those 12 weeks…while you’re teaching you experience their growth and change in attitude…It's an indescribable feeling, to see that change and knowing that you, in some way, made a difference in a child's life makes everything worth it.”

- Testimonial by P.J. Sayo (Public Relation/Festival Co-director 04-06 and volunteer since 03)


Recognizing Conflict

Volunteers identify conflict and illustrate how conflicts can become progressively more serious. The curriculum teaches a variety of non-violent techniques that enable students to prevent conflicts from becoming violent matters. Example: “conflict escalator” which demonstrates that conflict continues to ascend unless they are able to stop it.


Students are able to practice the art of communication through various activities. Communication is a key elements when de-escalating conflicts and withstanding tough times. Example: “I statement” which students use to express their feelings to overcome difficult situations.

Respecting Cultural Difference

Volunteers engage a series of activities with students where they can learn to respect similarities and differences among each other. This enables students to realize that each individual is unique while still part of a group. Example: group interactions about name meanings, culture and stereotyping.

Win-Win Solutions

Peace Games offer win-win outcomes because all participants are winners. These games offer students the ability to play games which do not single anyone out and where there is no loss. Popular games include: “The Shark Games”, “Shake your Buns” and “Pass the Pulse”

About Peace by PEACE

Peace by PEACE is a not-for-profit organization that trains over 300 university students each year to teach 3,000 grade five children how to manage and peacefully resolve conflict in their lives, schools, and communities. Using our 11-week curriculum of games and discussions, we educate the children on issues regarding self-esteem, choice and consequence, and bullying.

The university student volunteers deliver the 11-week program in grade five classrooms throughout the city of Toronto, culminating in the day-long Peace Festival held annually in April.

Peace by PEACE believes that children learn best when they are having fun, therefore our curriculum uses cooperative peace games, role-play and arts and crafts activities to explore the various dimensions of conflict escalation and resolution. The unique approach of Peace by PEACE can be summed up in five words: “It’s all fun and games!” Curriculum units include bullying, anger management and respecting cultural differences.




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