Peace by Piece

Dénomination enregistrée: Peace By Piece - Autism Development And Sensory Centre

Numéro d'entreprise: 753982529RR0001

This organization was co-founded by Sandra Lobinowich and Jessica Hano, both of which have children on the autism spectrum. As sisters-in-law, Sandra and Jessic...a have shared many stories, tears, frustrations and joys while navigating their journeys of parenting children on the spectrum.
The idea for starting Peace by Piece was formed out of a desire to help their own children as well as other families who have dealt with similar frustrations and challenges.
Our Sensory Centre will be a state of the art Drop -In facility for children with Autism. Whether they come with their parent's or with their therapists, children will have full access to all Sensory Rooms. The Sensory Centre will have an onsite Behavioural Specialist to assist children and/or parents with any questions/needs. Imagine an indoor play place, but tailored and designed specifically for Children with Autism.
Our Sensory Centre will be an asset to ABA/IBI therapists as well. By integrating a Sensory Facility into their programming, they will be able to provide a level of therapy services that is like no other.

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