Peace Country Gleaners Society

Dénomination enregistrée: PEACE COUNTRY GLEANERS SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise: 846042372RR0001

Peace Country Gleaners Society (PCGS) operates completely with volunteers.  The five member board is only reimbursed  for direct expenses on board business.  All of the planting, harvesting and processing is done by a volunteer  management committee as well as many volunteers throughout the year.

We grow and dehydrate vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and beets.  The finished dehydrated products are currently shipped (about 250 metric tonnes for the 2018/19 season) to a gleaners society in Oliver, BC to be included in soup mixes prepared and shipped to the hungry people in many countries and distributed by reputable aid organizations to ensure the delivery directly to the needy people.  In 2019 they expect to package and ship 8 million servings!

The benefit of PCGS to La Crete and area is the opportunity for many seniors (and younger people as well)  to have a place where they can volunteer their time to help in the  whole process.  This is also a wonderful  social time for all involved!  In the last five and a half years we have had hundreds of  volunteers  and the most in one day is 38!  For fundraising, volunteers have prepared and served delicious suppers and charity auctions have also been held at the suppers. The financial support for PCGS from local individuals and businesses has been fantastic!

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