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Peace House International Ministry

Dénomination enregistrée : Peace House International Ministry

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Transforming lives and helping men and women fulfill their destinies through the preaching of the gospel of Peace throughout the world.

Peace House International Ministry

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Peace House international Ministry is a Christian, multi-cultural organization headquartered in Surrey B.C. Canada, with churches in Qatar, Kenya, Uganda, India, and Nigeria.  Over the years we have been blessed with various professionals who have been using their skills and talents to develop, uplift, enrich, equip, and inspire the lives of those within and beyond our communities and around the world. We believe that every man, woman, and child is a gift from God, wonderfully and beautifully created and endowed with a specific or unique talent to do the Lord’s purpose here on earth; and that part of our responsibility is to provide social service assistance, spiritual help, civic duty lessons, and be role models for them and others.


Making, building and training believers to become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ; spreading the gospel of salvation and healing of Jesus Christ to the most rural arears of the world; delivering motivational messages that inspire and change the lives of the hopeless, the helpless, and the needy; ministering to the poor and needy through our “Jethro Club” by providing basic supplies such as food, water, and clothing; assisting adults through our adult education/illiteracy program to improve literacy and acquire skills, that will enable them to be gainfully employed or use their God-given skills for self-empowerment and self-employment.


To transform lives and help men and women fulfill their destinies through the preaching of the gospel of Peace in rural areas of the world including South Africa, North Africa, Europe, Fiji, New Zealand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, South America; in addition to areas where we are already established.


Is on ESL training, General education and employment, Literacy programs, Health education, Church planting, Discipleship, spiritual development, General evangelism, Youth ministry, Family support, General social assistance, Meals and clothing, Rehabilitation and counselling, Support for people with special needs


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