PEARL Life Renewal

Dénomination enregistrée: PEARL LIFE RENEWAL SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise: 760269092RR0001

Current Update

PEARL currently exists as a drop-in resource center for sexually exploited girls and women in Chilliwack, BC. We are working towards opening the second stage to our program. For more information, keep reading or visit our website! Thank you for your support! 


We envision girls and women safe, protected from sexual exploitation and prostitution and experiencing well-being.


PEARL empowers girls and women who are sexually exploited, trafficked and in prostitution, through support, education and Jesus’ love, to embrace hope and renewal.

Core Values

  • Christ Centeredness

    Because Jesus’ love and words are foundational and transformational, we attempt to live those out in the promotion of truth and justice for sexually exploited and prostituted girls and women.

  • Caring

    Extending respect, grace, confidentiality and compassion to sexually exploited and prostituted girls and women in the acknowledgement of their experienced traumas.

  • Excellence

    In services offered and with integrity in using resources.

  • Holistic Transformation

    Encouraging sexually exploited girl’s and women’s renewal and well-being in body, mind, spirit and relationships.

  • Collaboration

    Encouraging community involvement in the continuum of care to facilitate sexually exploited girl’s and women’s access to services and resources.

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