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Dénomination enregistrée : PEER CONNECTIONS MANITOBA, INC.

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*Formerly the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society*

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Mental Wellness for All



To provide quality mental health education and value-based peer support for Manitobans and their families dealing with mental health challenges.



Authenticity | Integrity | Respect | Support | Holistic

What is Peer Support?

Peer support may be defined as the help and support that people with lived experience of mental illness/challenges and recovery are able to give to one another.  It may be social, emotional or practical support but it is important that this support is mutually offered and reciprocal, allowing peers to benefit from the support whether they are giving or receiving it.


Key elements of peer support in mental health include the building on shared personal experience and empathy.  It focuses on an individual’s strengths, not weaknesses, and works towards the individual’s wellbeing and recovery in living beyond the limitations of having a mental health diagnosis.


Peer Connections Manitoba offers peer support for both families and people with a mental illness/challenges.


Peer Support Workers in each region are knowledgeable in mental health community resources, peer support, family support, crisis intervention and navigating the mental health system.


Contact the Peer Connections Manitoba Peer Support Worker in your region of Manitoba for information regarding specific programs, services and events.

What We Believe About Recovery

At Peer Connections Manitoba we believe recovery from the label of mental illness is most effective when a holistic approach is considered; this includes addressing psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical and social needs.


  • We believe recovery is possible and the potential is within anyone regardless of the severity or duration of their mental illness!
  • Recovery is a personal journey based upon self determination, choice, hope and empowerment.
  • The goal is regaining a quality of life as one lives beyond the limitations of mental illness.
  • Recovery is enhanced through engaging in meaningful activities that connect one to the community.
  • Recovery is supported through timely, individualized and holistic interventions which include access to treatment options, psychosocial rehabilitation, talk therapies (trauma and violence informed), education, community and spiritual supports.
  • The primary purpose of mental health service providers is to create environments in which recovery can take place.
  • Believing that recovery is possible and having this belief supported by family, friends, peers, and service providers helps to fuel self-agency, the process of intentionally living one’s life according to one’s personal belief.


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