Dénomination enregistrée: PELEE ISLAND BIRD OBSERVATORY

Numéro d'entreprise: 826157943RR0001

Our Mission

The Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO) was established in 2003 to collect data on migratory birds as part of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Program and serve as an education centre on the island. The mandate of PIBO includes: 1) a commitment to long-term migration monitoring research on Pelee Island; 2) long-term studies of the breeding bird communities on Pelee, including endangered, threatened and species of special concern; 3) serving as an educational centre for the public, school groups and the local community; and 4) promoting the importance of Pelee Island’s unique natural heritage.

Lying where two main eastern migration routes converge, Pelee Island is a site of exceptional importance for birds and in 2003 was designated an Important Bird Area (IBA). BirdLife International describes IBAs as truly outstanding sites of global significance for birds.

Many parts of Canada are relatively inaccessible, and few birders are available to count birds in northern habitats, which makes migration monitoring stations like PIBO invaluable for collecting data on many target species. The data they collect not only contributes significantly to our understanding of the changes taking place in populations of migratory birds, but also documents the migration at the sites themselves. PIBO's projects will address a wide range of environmental issues relating to the status and conservation needs of many nesting species found within the Carolinian Zone in southwestern Ontario.


Long-term migration studies provide valuable population indices for species that are difficult to survey by other means due to the inaccessibility of their breeding and wintering grounds. Government and conservation groups use this information locally and internationally to address a broad range of concerns about the population status of many familiar Canadian birds. The purpose of the Breeding Birds of Pelee Island Project is to further our understanding of the breeding bird populations on the island, including population density, nest productivity and survivorship, habitat requirements, species diversity, nest predation rates and brood parasitism.

PIBO has initiated a variety of activities geared towards public education, including regularly scheduled bird-banding demonstrations for school groups, field-naturalist clubs, and the general public. The projects provide volunteer opportunities and comprehensive bird banding training for all long-term volunteers and interns.

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